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General Car Care Tips
TIP #1 - Check your tyres for under inflation. This may lead to poor fuel economy and may prove to be a safety hazard. Invest in a tyre gauge and check your tyres regularly. It is recommended that you check your tyre pressure early in the morning when the tyres are cool. This method will ensure you obtain a correct reading of the tyre pressure.

TIP #2 -It is recommended that you change your car’s air filter every 15,000 miles. However please take into consideration if you reside in an area that is very dusty. You may have to change the filter more often. A dirty air filter can lead to poor gas mileage.

TIP #3 - Always try to park your car in a shaded area especially during hot periods. The heat will cause the gas in the tank to evaporate at a rapid rate. Ensure your gas tank cover is tightened properly to prevent evaporation. Tint your car to help keep the interior cool.

TIP #4 - Driver visibility is very important on the roads. Sometimes we neglect to clean our windscreens resulting in unnecessary glare caused by a dirty screen. This can prove to be a safety hazard. Use a glass cleaner like Windex to clean your windscreen. Avoid using harsh chemicals on the glass. Use a soft chamois to dry and shine. It has been argued that you should not use newspaper to shine your glass as it may leave swirl marks on the glass. Take the time to also clean your wiper blades.

TIP #5 - Always use a clean chamois, 100% cotton terry cloth or microfiber cloths to dry your vehicle. These towels are considered to be the safest towels to use as they minimize the risk of creating abrasions. Using old jeans, old shirts and rags increase the risk of scratches to your paint job as these items may have embedded particles of dirt and sand. So remember choose the right cloth to prevent swirl marks on your vehicle and keep your vehicle in pristine condition.
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